Durham Regatta 2022 - Sunday


OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP eight-oared Sponsor: Mr & Mrs Friedlander in memory of Sally Squirrell

OPEN NON-CHAMPIONSHIP A eight-oared Sponsor: Dr Michael Cannon

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP A eight-oared Sponsor: Alpha Security Group

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP B eight-oared Sponsor: St. Cuthbert's Society

WOMEN'S NON-CHAMPIONSHIP A eight-oared Sponsor: The Neesham Trust

OPEN JUNIOR 15 coxed octuple sculling Sponsor: The Frank Humphries Memorial Fund

OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP A coxed four-oared Sponsor: Alpha Security Group

OPEN COLLEGE CHAMPIONSHIP coxed four-oared Sponsor: Professor Derek Ward-Thompson

OPEN NON-CHAMPIONSHIP A coxed four-oared Sponsor: Durham University

OPEN NON-CHAMPIONSHIP B coxed four-oared Sponsor: Stella & Nigel van Zwanenberg

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP coxed four-oared Sponsor: Durham Markets Company

OPEN JUNIOR 14 coxed quadruple sculling Sponsor: The Betty Humphries Memorial Fund

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP double sculling Sponsor: Northern Rowing Services

OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP A sculling Sponsor: Ben & Deborah van Zwanenberg

OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP B sculling Sponsor: Mr C F & Mrs M Curtis

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP sculling Sponsor: Alexis Cleveland